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  • Probability
    • Basic Concepts: Sample Space, Events.
    • Densities and Distributions.

  • Descriptive statistics.
    • Descriptive Analysis of data.
    • Graphs and charts.

  • Inferential Statistics
    • Means, variances, populations, samples.
    • Intervals of Confidence.
    • Z-test, T-test and F-tests.
    • Hypothesis Testing.
    • ANOVA.
    • Correlation.
    • Linear and non-linear regression.

  • Non-parametric Statistics.
    • Sign Test.
    • Wilkinson Tests.
    • Kruskal-Wallis Test.
    • Spearman Correlation Coefficient.

  • Calculus.
    • Functions.
    • Continuity.
    • Limits.
    • Derivatives.
    • Integration.
    • Multivariate Calculus.

  • Algebra.
    • Relations and Functions.
    • Linear Functions.
    • Systems of Equations.
    • Word Problems.
    • Non-Linear Equations.

  • Linear Algebra.
    • Row and Column Operations.
    • Inverse of Matrix.
    • Systems of Equations.
    • Vector Spaces.
    • Decompositions.

  • Economics.
    • Cost Function.
    • Supply and Demand.
    • Elasticity.
    • Dead-weight Loss and Taxes.
    • Monopolistic Competition.
    • Oligopoly.
    • Monopoly

  • Operations Management.
    • Forecasting.
    • Quality Control.
    • Inventory.
    • Aggregate Planning.
    • PERT.
    • Line Balancing.
    • Waiting Lines

  • Finance.
    • Time Value of Money.
    • Bonds.
    • Stocks.
    • CAPM Model.

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