High School Statistics Coming Soon: Should You Go For It?

What is covered in high school stats?

high school statistics

  1. Descriptive Statistics: One image is worth 1000 words, or so it says the adage. You will learn different ways to graphically describe data, using histograms, pie charts, bar charts, box-plots and scatterplots
  2. Tallying of data. This is not exactly a topic on its merit, but you will be covering lots in terms of counting data, grouping data into frequency tables, using crosstabulations of two-way tables.
  3. Measures of center and description: You will learn how to describe the center of a distribution using sample mean, median and mode, and you will see how to describe the variability of data using standard deviation and ranges.
  4. Probability Rules: You will learn out to count and evaluate the chances of occurrence of basic events, as well as learn the basic probability rules
  5. Probability Distributions: You will likely cover the basic probability distribution, such as the normal and exponential distribution
  6. Hypothesis testing: You will learn how to make claims about population parameters using sample data. The z-test and t-test are the most common tests used.
high school statistics

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