Is Statistics Hard?

How hard is statistics?

Is Statistics Hard in High School?

is statistics hard?

is statistics harder than math?

Is statistics harder than math

So then, Why Students Find Statistics Difficult?

Summary of main points

  1. Is Statistics hard? Not really, it is like any other math class, and like any other math class, will require some dedication and some specific strategies to be successful in Stats
  2. Is Statistics Harder than calculus? Not really. At the undergraduate level, Stats is fairly basic, and it is about learning how to apply a few key ideas. You need to efficiently APPLY ideas, but you don't have to necessarily UNDERSTAND too well what you are applying
  3. So why students find Stats hard? There are many potential reasons. My personal theory is that students tend to leave Stats for the end, and it tends to be the "last math course" for many, which loads with some kind of emotional charge that can make some students panic