Statistics Tutorials: All You Need to Know About Hypothesis Testing: The Tricks You Need to Learn

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What is a Hypothesis Test?

Hypothesis testing left tailed

What is the method of hypothesis testing? The sample

Random Sampling

What is hypothesis testing and its purpose? A Claim About a Population Parameter

What is hypothesis testing with example?

\[\begin{align} & {{H}_{0}}:\mu =10 \\ & {{H}_{A}}:\mu \ne 10 \\ \end{align}\] \[\begin{align} & {{H}_{0}}:\mu =10 \\ & {{H}_{A}}:\mu \ge 10 \\ \end{align}\]

The Mechanics of a Test of Hypothesis

What are the 4 hypothesis testing steps?

Results of a Hypothesis Test

Did We Get it Right?

What is an example of hypothesis testing in real life?

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  • Probability
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  • Inferential Statistics
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    • Z-test, T-test and F-tests.
    • Hypothesis Testing.
    • ANOVA.
    • Correlation.
    • Linear and non-linear regression.

  • Non-parametric Statistics.
    • Sign Test.
    • Wilkinson Tests.
    • Kruskal-Wallis Test.
    • Spearman Correlation Coefficient.

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