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Help with NVIVO Projects

NVIVO Projects Topics

  • Coding and Tagging

  • Assessing for Themes, Patterns, Meaning

  • Conducting Queries

  • Generating Reports, Charts, Visualization

  • Tag Clouds, Word Trees, Concept Trees, Theme trees

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Our Specialties

Coding and Tagging

We can help you with coding and tagging in order to develop logical code hierarchies and organize the data.

Assessing for themes, patterns, meaning

We can help with qualitative data analysis including assessing for themes, patterns, meaning, and synthesis within textual, audio, graphic, and video data.

Generating reports, charts, visualization

We can help you with generating reports, charts, and visualizations that address your research questions and assist with exploratory analysis.

We provide help with ALL Math Subjects

Aside from Qualitative Analysis, we also help with Quantitative Analysis, Calculus, Algebra, Operations Management, Quantitative Methods, Decision Analysis, you name it

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