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Probability Homework Help

Probability - Statistics Topics We Can Help You With

  • Probability
    • Sample Spaces and Events
    • Axioms of probability
    • Addition Rule
    • Multiplication Rule
    • Conditional Probability
    • Independence
    • Total Probability
    • Bayes Theorem
    • Definition of random variables

  • Discrete Random Variables
    • Probability Distribution
    • Mean and Variance
    • Binomial Distribution
    • Geometric Distribution
    • Hypergeometric Distribution
    • Poisson Distribution

  • Continuous Random variables
    • Density function
    • Cumulative distribution function
    • Uniform Distribution
    • Exponential Distribution
    • Normal Distribution
    • Normal Approximation
    • Gamma Distribution
    • Chebyshev's and Markov Inequalities

  • Random Vectors
    • Joint Probability
    • Marginal Probability
    • Covariance
    • Correlation
    • Random samples
    • Parameter Estimation

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Our Specialties

Basic Probability Theorem

Are you having troubles with homework questions involving Sample Spaces and Events, Axioms of probability, or some probability rules like the Addition Rule and Multiplication Rule. Our experts can help you with that.

Conditional Probability

The concepts of Conditional Probability and Independence may not be the easiest to grasp. On top of that, when are solving questions referring to the Total Probability and Bayes Theorem, things can get more difficult, and there's where we can help YOU.

Discrete Random Variables

This is your first approach to probability distribution, by getting to know the concept of Discrete Random Variables. But things can get more difficult with the concepts of Probability Distribution and Mean and Variance. Are you getting stuck with questions about the Binomial Distribution, Geometric Distribution, Hypergeometric Distribution or the Poisson Distribution? E-mail us your homework problems

Continuous Random variables

Your Probability class continues then with Continuous Random variables, and the idea of Density function and Cumulative distribution function. Then you will be introduced to the mos popular distributions, such as the Uniform Distribution, Exponential Distribution, and Normal Distribution. Likely, you are bewildered about things like Normal Approximation, and the Chebyshev's and Markov Inequalities. We can help you solve HW questions on these topics.

Random Vectors

We the course proceeds with Random Vectors, then it is when things can get hairy. Fear not, we can help you with Probability questions involving Joint Probability, Marginal Probability, Covariance, Correlation, Random samples and Parameter Estimation.

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