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Multivariate Calculus Homework Help

In My Geeky Tutor we can help you with your Multivariable Calculus homework, at any level.
  • If you are taking college Calculus II or Calculus III you'll find what you need with us.

  • We provide quality solutions to your problems, with very detailed step-by-step solutions. Submit your request for a free quote.

Calculus II and III are complex subjects, and you may need that extra edge. We offer homework assistance in several topics. We believe that a solid grasp of the concepts in this field provides the appropriate tools to face the challenges of today's professional world.

Submit by e-mail your problems to us for a free quote. We'll be back to you in hours with a free estimate.

Commonly, the textbooks come mostly with the solutions to the sample problems, but they don't show detailed, step-by-step solutions. Our goal is to provide you with clear and well explained solutions to your problems. Our turnaround time is 24-48 depending on the request.

Calculus II and III Topics

This is a list of subjects you may be interested in:

  • Differentiation
    • Partial Derivatives, Gradient
    • Chain-Rule
    • Implicit Differentiation

  • Higher Derivatives and Extrema
    • Higher Order Derivatives
    • Taylor's Theorem
    • Extrema: Maxima and Minima
    • Second Derivative Rule, Hessian Matrix
    • Lagrange Multipliers

  • Vector Fields
    • Divergence
    • Curl

  • Multiple Integrals
    • Volumes
    • Fubini's Theorem
    • Double Integrals
    • Triple Integrals
    • Change of Variables: Polar, Cylindrical and Spherical

  • Surface Integrals
    • Parametrized Surfaces
    • Normal Vectors
    • Area of a Surface
    • Flux Integrals

  • Vector Analysis
    • Green's Theorem
    • Stokes' Theorem
    • Gauss' Theorem

With our help, you'll get that extra edge you need! No need to sweat with poorly explained problems from the books. We can provide solutions that suit your own needs.

Check some samples of calculus single and multivariable here.

You can submit your problems for a free quote :
  • By e-mail: You send us an e-mail with your questions. Could be any type of file, doc, pdf, xls, or a scanned image of the problems.

  • It's free to get a quote, and there's no obligation after that. It costs you nothing to find out how much would it be to solve a list of problems.

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